Thursday, 1 July 2010

A new battle wagon project!

I have begun a new project. My orks have been taking shape for a year now and im finally getting round to finishing off various units that have been in the box under the bed for a while. One such unit is my ard' boyz, which i finally finished converting. Unfortunately i decided to paint them in bad moon colours to represent the alliance between Gaz and Nazdreg. So now they need a new battle wagon!
Well i picked up a 1/35 abram tank kit from my local and all the .60 gauge plasticard he had left.
After many hours of spaced and battlestar galactica I have managed to produce the basic structure of the wagon. Its roughly the same size as the original (see below). I intend to make it as flash as possible (it is a badmoon ride after all) and ill probably build up all the weapon options for it as well.Any way heres my progress in chronological order.

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  1. Promising start! Good luck with the project!