Thursday, 8 July 2010

Painting has begun!

Ok so the wagon is finished for now, which means painting has started. I want to get it finished by the weekend if possible! I have a schedule to abide by, 6 grot tanks wont build themselves before 31st!

Any way heres the progress so far with the base colour applied and the beginings of the rust and chips. Also so patterning on one side


  1. Lookin good mate! Supprised you went with a yellow scheme - thought you might match it with your other wagon! Weathering looks really good to! Gonna be ready for Sunday...?

  2. its for my badmoons ard boyz. Iv decided to start adding units from other clans into the mix to give me something different to paint. I hope its ready for sunday but we shall see

  3. Looking good! The chipping/rust is well done!

  4. Thanx v much taurus! Ill update again tomorrow

  5. Hi!

    First of all: great conversion! I really love the model.

    The yellow already looks great in my opinion, the black patterns are nice too.

    Ok, you asked my for some advice, here you go:

    The whole thing could use a lot more sponging, try using 2 or three different tones from brown to black (I like to use Vermin Brown, Scorched Brown and Scorched Brown + Chaos Black). I always give the armourplates a thinned wash of Devlan Mud, which makes them look a bit more greasy and used. If you like to work with oil colors, they're even better.

    If you have the time, pick out some of the bigger brown spots and paint a thin white or silver line at the bottom of it and a thin black one on the top. This makes the chips look more 3-dimensional.

    I made a quick example with MS Paint ^^:

    The only thing I dislike at the moment are the tracks. They are much too clean in my opinion. Try to paint them in a medium brown (Calthan Brown i.e.) and give them a wash with a lighter brown, like Khemri Brown or Kommando Khaki or something. (The dirt settles in the recesses). If you like to use pigments, that's even better.
    Then, highlight the tracks either with a metallic color or, even better, scrap some graphite of a pencil and rub it on the track with your finger.

    I did a step-by-step on weathering a valkyre some time ago, take a look:

    Also, if you have an airbrush (it looks like you have one ;)), give the model a light coat of brown dust at the bottom third of it. Some scratches in driving direction would be nice too.

    Ok, that's all for now, hope i was able to give you some inspiration. Pick out what you like and forget the rest. ;)

    Keep on happy painting!
    Regards, Androsch

  6. great advice thanx, I've used bits and pieces for the weathering already. Ill post up the current progress pics later on.