Saturday, 1 January 2011

Look what I found!

This is the first issue I ever bought

I have been busy spending the past few days routing through all my stuff while I am here staying at my parents house. I found quite a few bits and pieces that I can't say I shall ever use again so ill be posting up a sale thread later as and when I ebay them.

Amongst my things I found all my back issues of White Dwarf and so I decided to organize them and also find a more suitable and accessible place for them. Flicking through the pages really sends me back to my childhood! When I was 11 I lived in Qatar, which was the result of my dads job. Funnily enough there wasn't a games workshop there so my only hobby outlet was looking forward to White Dwarf, which would come each month. I can still see myself lying under the bed reading (looking at the pictures) and inventing new army ideas.

So I am really glad to have re-discovered and re-organized a little piece of the past.

Looking towards the future, I bought this off ebay as it was going cheap. They are from the Anakin Skywalker Podracer toy set but unfortunately the engines are massive! I was hoping to use them for one of the fighta-bombas I'm planning but I fear they are a little too large. Maybe they would do for a busta-bomma instead?!


  1. Awesome, i love reading old White Dwarfs!!

  2. Those engines are the perfect size for fighta-bommas!

    I would know, I built one using one of them.


  3. I've been going through all my old gaming materials just this past week as my family prepares to relocate to a new home. It's been fun but I haven't had much time to really enjoy them. I wish I could remember what my first issue of White Dwarf was, that's neat that you still have yours.

    Those engines are a great find, although I don't envy the Ork pilots who will be flying around with them. Is any engine too big for an Ork Mek to use? Best wishes on this project and in the new year as well. Cheers!

  4. @ Tim: Hey there buddy, ill be back soon. Its a shame I can't bring the old ones back for you to read.

    @ dylangould: That fighta is awesome! I didn't even consider using just the one engine along the length of the entire body. That makes it a perfect length and I have an excuse to make two!

    @ Papa JJ: Hey, thanx for dropping by. I'm a big fan of your blog and I look forward to reading it this coming year. Good luck with the move and I hope your new home brings luck and happiness to you and your family.