Friday, 7 January 2011

Bargain Ebay clearout

As mentioned in the previous post I recently did a spot of tidying up while at my parents house. I came across two items for quick sale which I posted up on ebay last Sunday. Full details for each sale follow;

Sale 1: 15mm Vietnam collection

This has been a popular lot so far with numerous questions and watchers lined up already. I have just gotten back from a short break with my partner and so as promised I have taken some pictures of the complete lot and also taken a complete inventory.

The ebay link is here



10x VC bases
4x recoiless rifle bases
2x RPG bases
10x US bases containing: 7x M60, 8x M79 and M16
2x M113 ACAV
2x M113 carriers
2x MUTT Jeep
5x Civilian bases
16x VC bodies
16x US bodies
16x weapons caches

Lot 2: Void 1.1 Broodmaster

This is an unopened box containing a Koralon broodmaster for the game void 1.1.

The ebay link is here

I hope this helps answer all the questions I received in a satisfactory manor. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. The auction ends late on Sunday so please get your bids in before it ends.

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