Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Week in Glamor- My Ork Whaaaagh

I thought I would spend the next few days re-doing bits and bobs on my ork army. There are a few niggling details that I just haven't gotten round to finishing for one reason or another. So I thought it would be a good excuse for me to finish off those details and post up the finished units as their done.

Git Chewa's Ard' Boyz

Git Chewa up close (I need to paint his teeth! Isn't digital photography wonderful!)

Here is a nearly finished Kan from my kustom grotzooka unit. I'm going to work on him tonight along with the rest of his unit.

 Here is the lucky grot that guides the hoover


  1. Such a pretty sight! The grotzooka conversion is awesome!

  2. Thank you very much! Ill be finishing off those kans today I hope. I'll post the glamor later.

  3. hi!!!
    super cool army :)!!! you are a pro painter!!!
    can you tech me how to do the blood on your orks weapon???