Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Week in Glamor- My Ork Whaaaagh (part 3)

I finished the unit of Killa kans with custom grotzookas today. I added smoke to the exhaust stacks for a little extra fun. These are really easy to make, all you need is super glue, modeling 'clump' and wire. Simply cut a length of wire to the size you want the smoke then thread on balls of clump. The clump balls need to start small and progressively get larger. This creates the bellowing effect.   

 Grot hoverers

For Gork (or possibly Mork!)!


  1. Ah, damn I thought I was the only person that thought about using clump foliage as smoke for my orks :P

    Great job nonetheless! I would prefer a wee bit better quality pics so I can admire your pretty miniatures in all their glory...

  2. The smoke coming out of the exhaust is a really cool touch and looks great. Thanks for explaining how you did that. Nice work on these killa kans!

  3. Hey there Anipope, thank you for the comment.

    Photography is not a strong point of mine, nor is it anything i know anything about. I have a small light box I made which helps but it only allows for one model at a time and I only have one decent light source. I need another one really.

    I have a friend who is a masters photography student. Ill ask her to give me some pointers, Im sure she can help.

    Nice bike btw, I had seen clump being used to create explosions so I scaled it down. I didn't realise there were other examples out there.

    Hey papa jj, hows the move going/gone? thank you for the comment, ill post the dread up tomorrow.

  4. Hey Smurf - apologies for not commenting on the earlier posts in this series. The orks have looked fantastic throughout - but these Kans are the real winners for me - particularly that last picture, really exemplifies what it is to be 'Ork'.

    Cracking stuff mate.


  5. Point taken! Although, one thing you could to to improve your pictures off the bat is to adjust the depth of field of your camera to as high as possible. This way it won't focus on certain points on the models, leaving other blurred. But I am sure your friend can explain things much better than me :)

  6. No worries Antipope, Ill try and sort it out.

    Hey pom, thanks for the comments. I feel a little bit like that grot on occasions! depends if beer has been mixed with whiskey usually!

  7. Awesome Kans! I really like the vacuum-pumped grotzookas and the smoke is a nice touch. Keep up the great work!

  8. Congrats on getting some well deserved attention for these guys on this week's Top Ten. These really are great models, well done! Thanks for asking about the move, too. We've hit a pretty major snag that has us now not sure what to do next so everything is up in the air. I'll update the situation next time I post something at diceRolla. I really appreciate the concern, thanks man!

  9. Thank you very much Morian7th, ill certainly try and keep it up more often now I'm back in my own house again.

    Papa jj you're too kind! I hope it all works out for you. I know the feeling at the moment, my life is very much up in the air too, in fact the only thing i do have is a home!