Friday, 28 January 2011

My Christmas Present Finally Arrived

Here's what I spent my Christmas money on. The entire Vallejo game colour range and some dystopian wars Prussian stuff.


  1. I tried one of the Vallejo paints for my Custodians, and found them quite watery (which was fine for this project, but dead annoying for anything else!) Or am i just not shaking them properly!

  2. Aye - I've noticed you really have to shake the bejeezus out of the Vallejo paints. I've been slowly switching from GW to Vallejo and for the most part I find I prefer the Vallejo. The one exception is the greens, for some reason they seem to separate on a wet palette quickly. Very cool belated Christmas presents though - I look forward to seeing the Prussians!

  3. I Laminated the fast play sheet, and the cointers that I printed off over the weekend after my partner gave em a fantastic printer for valintins day.