Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lets get Lootin'

I finally finished the fifth member of the squad last night. I'm happy with his all kit bashed deff gun but I'm also aware it's not as good as the others. See what you think.

I have bodies enough for five more but unfortunately not weapons or backpacks. My bitz box is getting pretty strained and it only really contains marine and chaos bits anyway. I'm trading some lovely tau and guard bits from some friends of mine so that should sort out a few more weapons but the backpacks will be a pain.

It maybe a case of gluing every worky bit I can find together or it may mean scratch building the packs with plastic card. I just don't know yet. If you guys have any suggestions please share them. I'll admit I'm pretty stuck


  1. The only thing i might suggest with this guy is some strapping or chains to support the gun. It looks a little ungainly compared to the others!

    How many do you plan to build in total then? Does this mean that your changing the style of your Orks, or is it just an optional extra!?

  2. I'm planning to make a squad of 10, although ideally I would like 2 squads of 10. I can't afford to continue with my warriors of chaos so instead I'm just going to add to the ork army. The codex is flexible enough to facilitate many different optimum builds so I may as well try a few out. And it builds the force to a more apoc size